The Ship of Technology Lead Kingdom to Sail Again: New Automated Production Line

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Kingdom Strives to Seize Business Opportunities – Launching a 436.8-meter-long Automated Assembly Production Line

Expanding Business Scale and Increasing Production Capacity

The largest and longest automated assembly production line for international peers

With 42 years of hard work, Kingdom continues to focus on the production and R&D of refrigeration equipment; in line with the development of the times, it constantly introduces new products and advocates the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection. Kingdom strives to produce high quality and durable products, which have a long service life of more than ten years in the baking industry. The business scope extends from Taiwan to the mainland and expands from China to overseas; the way to win is that Mr. Su Jin, the chairman of the board, “Kingdom has always strictly demanded itself with high standards and rewards customers with the best quality and the most reasonable price.”

In line with the good economic opportunity created by the “Belt and Road”, Kingdom strives to seize business opportunities, expand its business scale, increase production capacity, and launch a length of 436.8 meters, which is the largest and longest automated assembly production line in the international industry. The company has introduced the most advanced whole production line in the world. Its core equipment and motors are all imported, main lines and peripheral equipment (imported laser cutting equipment, CNC punching machines, shearing machines, folding beds, etc.), up to 50 million. This guarantees the quality of the products produced by the quantification, the scientific content and the aesthetic appearance. The products produced in the entire production line have the following characteristics:

Vertical Stainless Steel Freezer and Horizontal Workbench Freezer Series

1.      The unit is a set of removable type (such as airport, railway station, subway and other special places can not be fired, can be replaced or directly taken out to the operable area for maintenance).

2.      The evaporator fan adopts DC fan, energy saving and power saving is 35%, the cooling speed is fast, the wind speed is uniform, and the food is not easily blown dry.

3.      Horizontal workbench freezer, using 304 food grade stainless steel, the back is concave design, can be close to the wall, the product will not fall on the platform, naturally forming a cooling air duct, which is conducive to the installation of sockets, the design is more in line with the store requirements.

4.      The temperature control adopts the most advanced intelligent computer board imported, which is small, responsive and instantly displays 0.1 °C difference (can be connected to the automatic repair system).

5.      If you need to add stainless steel high-pressure evaporation water tray, our high-pressure water tray is made of stainless steel and placed at the bottom of the freezer. It is safe and not burning.

6.      The evaporator is high-efficiency and ultra-thin, saving space and having a large internal space.

7.      The compressor is mainly made up of European brands. The whole line of the machine is neatly arranged, clear, safe and easy to maintain.

8.      The door uses the physical principle, the use of position difference automatically returns, tight door seams.

9.      The door uses the physical principle, the use of position difference automatically returns, tight door seams.

10.  The appearance and interior design of the freezer are exquisite, beautiful, and more humane.

11.  The side panel box is foamed in one piece, which is more stable, safe and easy to handle.

12.  The cooling fan adopts a power-saving fan, which can save 18% of electricity; the radiator adopts high efficiency and ultra-thin type.

At present, the production line is in full swing and will be put into production. The modern production line is the inevitable development of Kingdom, and it is also a new starting point for Kingdom's growth. It is constantly growing on the road of focusing on the refrigeration industry, and strives to bring more beautiful products to customers.